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2020 Porsche Taycan gets a free update to make it quicker and add tech features



The 2020 Porsche Taycan is getting an update that is going to increase its performance, add features and improve the function of features already baked into the car. And yes, we do mean the 2020 model year — Porsche is getting into the business of upgrading and improving its cars post purchase.

Enhanced acceleration is the most intriguing item on the list of upgrades. Porsche says it has optimized the slip control software, resulting in a 0.2-second drop to the 0-to-124 mph time for the Turbo S. The car’s new official time is 9.6 seconds. For now, Porsche’s news release only talks about this being an improvement for the Turbo S, so other Taycans remain the same. Software optimizations for control units like the transmission and other drive components need to be updated, too. For this reason, Porsche is requiring folks take their vehicle into their dealership to have the update installed.

Any 2020 Taycan owner who optioned the adaptive air suspension will also be seeing an upgrade to Porsche’s “Smartlift” function. This will allow you to program and tell the car to automatically raise its ride height at recurring locations, such as your driveway or nearby speed bumps.

Predictably, there are a number of software updates to generally improve the user experience, too. For one, the Charging Planner is updated with greater functionality. While you’re charging, you can now tell the car how much charge you want left in the battery at your destination. This will alert you to unplug once that level is reached, allowing you to get on the road without over or undercharging. You can also reduce the preferred charging speed from 270 kW to 200 kW to preserve the battery by forcing less heat into it.

The last big update concerns added functionality to the infotainment system and navigation. There is more information displayed in the navigation system now, including “online information” and “traffic information with lane level precision.” You’ll also be able to connect your Apple ID to the Taycan and stream both Apple Podcasts and Apple Music using the “Lyrics” function. Lastly, Porsche says the car will now support wireless Apple CarPlay.

This update for 2020 model year Taycans is rolling out across the globe for free, so get in touch with your Porsche dealer if you want to bring your 2020 Taycan up to date and closer to that of a 2021 Taycan.

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