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10 Things Every Foodie Should Have In Their Bucket List



Do you live to eat more than eat to live? If yes, you are officially a foodie like us, and your love for food will make you bookmark this page. Everyone has their own bucket list for things that they wish to do at least once in life. Ours, of course, is full of wishful gastronomical adventures that we want to experience. You cannot call yourself a foodie if you don’t have a to-do list to fulfil your foodie dreams. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 things that every foodie must have in their bucket list. So, bring out the gourmand in you and tally this interesting list with yours. 

10 Things To Include In Your Foodie Bucket List: 

1. Explore New Cuisines 

Aren’t you always curious to find out what people of other countries eat? We always are. So hitting that new Vietnamese restaurant or queuing outside an Indonesian food stall at a food fare must be in your bucket list. 

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Try new cuisines for new experiences

2. Take A Foodcation 

Imagine going all the way to a place just to explore their regional delicacies; with no other motive of the trip! What a heavenly vacation that would be! 

3. Halt At Highway Dhaba 

Don’t tell us that all those rusty dhabas you spot on the roadside while travelling don’t entice you. There’s something about these highway dhabas that make every foodie stop and stay. 

4. Devour Mountain Maggi 

Nobody knows why Maggi made in tiny stalls in the hills taste so much better. We too were never able to figure out because we were too busy gobbling it down. And after having the famous mountain Maggi, we surely recommend this one to be on your bucket list. Don’t forget to pair it with a steaming cup of chai. 

5. Bake Your Own Cake 

Everyone loves eating cakes but only food lovers wish to make one themselves. When we take our first steps in the kitchen, baking is what we want to start with. So here it goes on our foodie bucket list. 

6. Enter A Food Challenge 

We are foodies and we want to prove it to the world. And we want to have that fun food challenge with our friend to show that we can finish larger amount of food in lesser time. Want to bet? 

7. Create Your Own Recipe 

We love food and we want to cook some great food. But there’s some charm in creating our own recipes that we discovered ourselves, isn’t it? 

8. Grow Home Garden 

We know what fresh, unadulterated herbs, fruits and vegetables do for us – fresh flavour and nutrients intact, we all want to have our own mini farm to access fresh foods for our meals. 

9. Learn All About Wine  

You love your wine but find yourself at a loss of words when talking about it? Do you feel embarrassed when you can’t tell the difference between a ‘Sauvignon’ and ‘Merlot’? We know you want to learn all about different kinds of wine and also about tasting them. 

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Wine lovers must learn the art of wine tasting

10. Try Viral Foods 

No matter how crazy they look, there is an itch trailing inside us to try all those bizarre recipes people are making and showing off on the internet. Well, it all started with Dalgona coffee, right? 

So which ones of these are in your bucket list? 

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