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2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS shows its standard interior without the giant Hyperscreen



Mercedes-Benz only showed us photos of the Hyperscreen interior when it revealed the inside of the EQS to us over the weekend. However, today there are photos of the standard interior available on the company’s website (h/t Motor1).

You’ll see a gallery of photos at the top that you can scroll through to compare the Hyperscreen dash with its non-Hyperscreen equivalent. At first glance, the standard EQS’ interior looks a whole lot like the new 2021 S-Class. You’ll see it has the same 12.8-inch vertically-oriented center infotainment system and center console design. The surrounding dash is where things begin to differ. Even some of the structural bits of the interior are vastly different from the Hyperscreen-equipped EQS.

With the Hyperscreen taken away, the standard screen appears to float above the massive trim backing. The massive swath of trim that was previously Hyperscreen space extends tall and wide on the passenger side. You’ll see a classic wood-paneled waterfall design, a wavy brown metallic look and a futuristic light-studded piano black option in photos here. The wood finish is the classiest of the bunch, but that light-backed piano black dash piece would be stunning at night.

You’ll notice that the top air vents appear to extend the entire width of the dash behind the free-standing cluster. In the Hyperscreen car, they halt at the hood that covers the cluster, then a trim piece picks up the same design as it heads into the door. And while the design is slightly different, you’ll notice that the central strip of rose gold remains. The uniform strip of air vents is different from the centrally-mounted vents in the new S-Class that look rather compact and sit above the infotainment system.

We know that the Hyperscreen will be an option for the EQS, but Mercedes hasn’t revealed its price yet. Given the substantial nature of the add-on, though, it’s bound to be pricey. It’s not just the second 12.3-inch screen on the passenger side that you lose when you skip it, though. The center screen within the Hyperscreen is a 17.7-inch touchscreen, so it has far more real estate to work with than the 12.8-inch standard touchscreen. 

If you’re someone who wants the most cutting edge technology in every way, the Hyperscreen is definitely the way to go. However, there’s a great argument to be made for enjoying the gorgeous trims Mercedes dreamed up instead.

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